For those who have heard our speakers, or for those for whom other speaker designs have proved frustrating in the pursuit of realistic, uncoloured presentation, the will to own a pair of our speakers comes easily.  Te next step is satisfying that desire.  To most locations we offer online purchase, with a 14 day trial period.  This allows experience of our exquisite speakers within their intended listening space, with your electronics, and with your music.  This can and should be a joyful process.  Simply go to the bottom of the page for the speaker model, add it to cart, and follow the prompts.  We’ll deliver them to you.  In the unlikely case that you aren’t compelled by your experience, we will gladly accept the speakers back for a full refund, and can even assist with the process of returning them to us.  You can find more information about this in our Support section.

For those in Western Australia, we have also appointed a showroom dealer: Bunbury HiFi.  Bunbury is the perfect choice for our first dealer showroom, being in the South West, from which we draw inspiration for our visual design and especially choice of external materials. This has been evident in the names of our speakers – Walpole, Koora(bup), and Nullaki – and now in the location of our first in-store showroom and sales.

In this showroom our speakers are paired with the Bunbury HiFi team’s high-end audio expertise and personal approach for a very high standard of service and advice.

73 Spencer Rd , Bunbury, Western Australia.  (08) 9721 1855